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Latest MOUvie Converter Version is 0.0.4

... to my Image "mouvie_converter_logo_12x16.png"MOUvie Converter Project page.
Added a list of Dependencies and some Guides for Installation and Configuration. And a Road Map for future version.
Start of the new main web site for my Nautilus Script Project
Image "Home:mouvie_converter_logo_12x16.png"MOUvie Converter

Image "Home:mouvie_converter_logo_12x16.png"MOUvie Converter is a Bash script for the Linux Gnome filemanager Nautilus.

It is designed to convert from different movie formats to other ones.
The handling of the script is made for an easy to use. Even for people who have no experience in that kind of file handling.

I want to translate Image MOUvie Converter in other laguages than english and german, so i need some help from you. If you want to help me don't hesitate and contact me via MAIL.

In the About section you will find a lot more informations. Like Forum, Bugs & Suggestions and so on ...

In the Document section you will find a Feature List or Installation Guide or the FAQ and more.

And a lot more informations ... Just look around ...


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